Branding Design Terms & Conditions

Both OUR DESIGNERS(SENSEPLUS) and THE CLIENT(YOUR COMPANY) agree to the terms and conditions as follows:

Client Information & Design Preferences

Our DESIGNER will base on the creative brief information and design preferences to design the brand identity for THE CLIENT, please make sure all the information is accurate before submitting this creative brief.


Business Strategy & Marketing Plan

Client agrees to share their business strategy or marketing plan for our designers in the purpose for a more precise understanding towards your branding concept. Designers agrees not to disclose any details of the contents to any third party.

Branding Design Working Days

THE CLIENT agrees to allow 3 WORKING DAYS for delivery of the Project Timeline, 7 WORKING DAYS for delivery the Brand Mood Board Proposal,

10 WORKING DAYS for delivery the Logo Design, and another 10 WORKING DAYS for delivery the Complete Brand Book. The entire branding design

takes about 1-3 month to complete, depends on the workflow of communication and design revisions.

Branding Design Revision Rounds

Each round of revision normally takes 3-5 WORKING DAYS to complete and feedback to THE CLIENT. The logo revision working day

depends on the workflow of OUR DESIGNERS. On occasions if OUR DESIGNERS have completed the design before

the stated delivery date, we will send the revision earlier.

Maximum Branding Design Revisions

Our branding design package allows a maximum of 5 LOGO DESIGN REVISIONS, and 3 BRANDING DESIGN REVISIONS, Please refer to the following charges rate for extra revisions : (Logo Design RM400/Revision) (Branding Design RM800/Revision).

Payment Terms

Our Branding Package project requires full payment before starting any design work. Upon receiving the full payment, our designers will start the design works immediately and you will receive a branding timeline within 3 WORKING DAYS for your understanding towards our process of a branding design

and our project time management.


ATM or Internet Banking should be only and made payable to SENSEPLUS DESIGN SDN BHD (MAYBANK 514066551797)

Final Artwork

After the logo design is confirmed, OUR DESIGNERS will commence output procedure for the final artwork into source file format (AI/JPG/PNG) and deliver the files via online transfer for THE CLIENT’S easy download.

Unsatisfied With The Branding Design

If client is unsatisfied with the branding design with repeatedly revisions within 3 months or the project is cancelled by the client, the project will be considered as a KIV (KEEP IN VIEW) project and the PAYMENT will not be refundable.

Refund Policy

All our branding design package are not refundable once work is commenced. However, if THE CLIENT discovered any plagiarism works from our branding or logo designs with evidence, a full refund will be given back to THE CLIENT.

Design Portfolio

THE CLIENT consent that the DESIGNERS may display and exhibit the artwork, which may or may not include reference to THE CLIENT or your business, products or services, to our prospective clients in any Marketing Materials and on our Website or social media for the purpose of the promotion of our Services. If CLIENT do not wish DESIGNERS to publish Client details, CLIENT should notify us in writing in advance by setting it out clearly in the Instruction. The DESIGNERS shall not be liable for publication in the event that we have not been notified of the Client’s objection to publication.