Logo Frequently Asked Questions




How do revisions work?

Revisions are the best way to make the logo we’ve designed even better & matches your satisfaction. Through our years of experience, we have developed a procedure for us to deliver the best work & to also save your time. Our revisions procedure are as follows:

1. You may pick only one from the three logo options of Version One we’ve presented & we will amend according to your feedback.

2. Based on your feedback, we will start working for Version Two, which we will then provide Two amended versions based on the option you picked from Version One. For example, if you pick Option One, we will only amend & present Two more options based on your feedback & maintain the overall idea & concept of Option One.

3. Note that revisions do not include redo or redraw. Our amendments are for minor amendments such as minor shape changes, remove certain elements, add on certain elements, color changes, font changes or alignment changes. We will not redraw or redo the whole illustration or concept of the logo as it is against our company policy. So in Version Two, the Two amended options will only have these minor changes as mentioned above.

4. All logo packages have only 5 revisions, so the following versions (Version 3,4,5 & 6) will also follow the same procedure as above, meaning each version will only present 2 amended options.

5. After you have satisfied with the amendments, we will proceed with output & you can get your logo in no time!

We strongly advise our clients to give us proper & rational feedback so we can make the best from these revisions. Our procedure above is to make sure we deliver the best work & save your time, this also means that communications between us must be clear, productive & reasonable.

Are your logo designs 100% original?

All logo designs created by our designers are 100% original. If the client discovers any plagiarism works from our logo designs with evidence, the client is allowed to request a full refund or request our designers to redesign the design concept.

I need a logo and I already know exactly what I want it to look like.

I just need someone to make it. Will you help?

In this case you are the designer, and you simply need a technician who can execute your idea using computer software. I bring concept thinking as well as execution to a project, and that’s more than you’re looking for. I’m not the right fit for you.

What is the pricing based on?

We’ve designed thousands of logos over the past decade. We’ve learned valuable things along the way, sharpened our skills and have a proven
portfolio of successful brands. Most people agree this is worth something.

How long until I get my first designs?

First draft delivery in 10 workings days, We take your project seriously and our designers need time to carry on the

Logo Design Process to deliver the best logo for you.

Will i own the copyright to the logo?

Yes, once the logo output is delivered to you, you will have sole ownership over the final logo design.

What about trademarks?

Yes, we have a partnership with MyIPO agents. We will provide your contact for them, they will assist in checking your logo availability and suggest

the cost varies significantly depending on how many categories you wish to apply.

In what formats will I receive my logo files?

We want you to be able to actually use your designs, so we’ll give you your design files in everything you need, such as High-res JPG, PNG format

and AI scale-able source file format.

Will the logo be scalable to any size?

Yes, all our logos are designed using vector graphics which are scale-able to any size without losing quality. They are also designed with thought given to size and spacing so they will look the best across a wide range of mediums; on-screen, in print, vehicle signage etc.

What happens next?

Just fill up the creative brief and choose the package that suit for you. After we received the full payment, we will review your creative brief and contact you with any questions or clarification. We’ll assign the project to our designers, and your Logo will be ready in 10 working days.

Is my information secure?

Yes. We use internet-standard security measures to make sure your information is secure while browsing our site.

What's your privacy policy?

Simply put, we don’t share or sell your information to a third party without your explicit permission. In other words,

we wouldn’t do anything that you wouldn’t do.


Do you guys do logo contests?

Absolutely not. We have a well trained team of designers, which have an average of 3+ years experience in logo and branding design for various businesses. We assign projects based on that individual designer’s expertise. For instance, one designer might be really good at hipster logos whereas another is really good at cosmetic logos. Our Design Director are experts at making sure to pick the right designer for the right job.

What is your view on plagiarism work?

At SensePlus, we are 100% against plagiarism work. A logo should be designed specifically for your company with connotation.

A plagiarism work may not reflect your company's values. 

How to determine plagiarism works?

Is the sample logo below considered a plagiarism work from the Nike Logo? 








NO & DON’T WORRY! The tick symbol is not originally created by Nike. The tick symbol is a common symbol that can be reused by any brand without any copyright issues! Unless the design is copied to the extent that it looks exactly the same, then it is considered as a plagiarized work.


Can you reduce your prices?

No, our prices are fair, and our clients receive excellent value for their investment.

When do I pay for my design at SensePlus?

Fill out your creative brief and before we begin designing, All of our logo design package require full payment before starting work.

What payment methods do you accept?

We're only accept the local (Malaysia) ATM or internet banking, our bank account is stated below.


Bank Name : Maybank (Malayan Banking Berhad)
Account Number : 514066551797

Bank Address : G Floor, Wisma Lee Kay Kuan, Lot 14408, Jalan Genting Kelang, 53200 Kuala Lumpur

Bank Swift Code : MBBEMYKL

What currency do I pay in?

MYR. If you are in overseas company, we are acceptable in USD, below are the approx latest currency rates:
(4.00 Malaysian Ringgit equals 1.00 US Dollar)


What if i dislike all the logo options?

We will try our best in our revision process to make it even better, but we believe aesthetics is entirely subjective, of course you have right to dislike the logo designed by us, but that doesn't mean it is bad at all. We hope that you trust in us as our team has designed a lot of great logos for many award winning businesses, which base on our experience, will alleviate any doubt you might have.


If you ever encounter this problem, we will suggest you to follow the instructions below which may help solve your problem in an assuring way:

1) Do listen & consider the designer’s explanation before judging the logo
2) Present to us a logo design references that most satisfies and suits you
3) Held a mobile discussion session with the logo designer
4) Make sure the designer fully understands your expectations
5) Instead of blaming, do encourage the designer to make it even better


Can i get refund if dissatisfied with the services?

Our services are not refundable based on the agreement which we believe you have read before picking up our services. In our pass 10 years experience in the logo design industry, we understand that every person has different opinions or preferences. Occasionally, there will be people who is dissatisfied no matter how great our logo design is, and the only thing we can do is try our best to explain or revise to meet their expectations, even though sometimes they have bad taste in professional aesthetics.

Customers is always right, but we strongly suggest customers not to pass all responsibilities to designers. Speaking in an intimidating or insulting way, intentional or unintentional, will only make the designer feel depressed and decreases morale, which creates more problems rather than helping in solving the current problem, and ultimately making the design even worst. So we suggest customers to encourage instead of blaming, which we believe is the smartest way to solve a problem.

Ultimately if you are still dissatisfied with the design, we have no choice but to suggest you in finding other designers that best suits you.

All the above written are our heartfelt words, which we would like to apologise in advance if you were offended by some statements. Ultimately, we hope everything goes well for you and our services will achieve your expectations. Peace!

How to consider “Rational Reason”? 

Clients' feedback is very important & helpful to us when it comes to perfecting logo designs. We appreciate every comment & feedback we received with full attention. However, there are times when some feedback offers no clear reasons & lack rationality that makes our designers confused. This will lead to rounds & rounds of revisions that will only result with the same dissatisfaction. We encourage our clients to give fair & clear feedback with constructive reasons so that we may revise the logo to the best & not waste time with rounds & rounds of revisions.

Below are two examples that are considered as “Rational Reasons”:
1. We have discovered that the logo concept is too similar & familiar with a certain competitor.

    We are worried that our customers will confuse the two brands, so we hope to request a redesign.
2. We realized that the conceptual direction of the logo design is incorrect, it may be that the designer had misunderstood,

    so we hope to request a redesign.

Below are two examples that are NOT considered as “Rational Reasons”:
1. My friends & I didn’t like the logo design. I want a redesign.
2. I felt like the logo design lacked a little sense. It can be done more towards my liking. I want a redesign.

(Please note that the examples above are NOT opinions & criticisms towards our clients’ ways of expression or language capabilities. They are examples of feedback with & without a proper guide, direction & reasons for our designers to best design the logos & save our clients time.)

"Rational Reason" rights are reserved by SENSEPLUS.