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BIGS Streetwear

The first BIGS Streetwear master graphic concept uses the isometric graphic concept to create a perspective visual style that represents the brand concept of BIGS, which is turning the negative into the positive.


How does this isometric concept represents BIGS brand concept? Well, the wordings used in the graphics are negative Chinese idioms converted into positive with just one tweak in the words, in this case, turning ‘大财不入’ into ‘大财自入’. This way when people read this idiom, they read it in two perspective, where it sounds like the negative idiom, yet it is a positive idiom, just like how viewers look at isometric graphics, where different perspective views portrays different meanings.


The graphics illustrates the ‘大财自入’ wordings into an isometric angle with layers of it duplication, in another perspective, these layers looks likes stack of cash, further relating the concept with wealth. Then, a graphics of coins entering a door further represents the idiom, where wealth enters by itself. Together, the whole graphics not only represents the concept, the visuals also matches current streetwear trend.

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