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The Yihe Project

The YIHE Roast Duck is a Chinese brand founded in 2019 by Chef Ah Yuan, who was taught the art of roast duck by a Hong Kong chef in 1992. After years of searching for the authentic taste of fruitwood-roasted duck, Ah Yuan discovered the original source of the fruitwood and developed his own roasting techniques to create a delicious and unique recipe. With the support of his friends, Ah Yuan established YIHE Roast Duck to share his passion for cooking and to bring the world-famous taste of fruitwood-roasted duck to the public.

At our design studio, we specialize in crafting creative and engaging representations of food through menus and posters. Our approach goes beyond showcasing the ingredients; we want to convey the story and culture behind each dish. We achieve this by incorporating Chinese creative proverbs as headlines, which add a layer of depth and meaning to the visual design. Our goal is to help our clients differentiate themselves in the crowded food industry and make a lasting impression on their customers. Through our thoughtful and unique designs, we bring our clients' vision to life and help them communicate their passion for food.


If you're interested in working with a friendly, professional, and creative design studio for your project, please click the button below to contact us now.

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