We are a design studio that is filled with different art sense, hence we have a lot of idea sharing and out of the box creativity when it comes to LOGO! Designing is our ‘drug’ and we require doses of design elements to start our day designing for you!

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Client : Namewee

Industry : Singer & Film Director

Namewee is a Malaysian Chinese

hip hop recording artist, composer,

filmmaker and actor. He is widely

known for his fearless R&B genre in

his productions, both musics & movies.

The Namewee Logo is a characteristically representative logo, which infuses the

appearance & personality of Namewee himself.

It features the iconic red knit cap worn by

Namewee whenever he appears publicly

or online, together with the fierce eyebrow

that signifies the rebellious genre of

his productions.

The logo also spreads a feeling of sarcasm

through the elements in the design.The Malaysian National Flag lines depicts

Namewee mentioning his love for his country after many controversies, although critics

often brand him as a renegade. Also,

the funny glasses graphics which is worn

in his Youtube shows called 'TOKOK', depicts

a hidden meaning of the tall finger gesture

which he expresses frequently.

Client : Mineski

Industry : Professional E-Sport

Mineski is a professional gaming

organization established in the Philippines.

The team is known to be one of the

strongest Southeast Asian Electronic

sports team in the Philippines, providing successful players in each competitive

gaming genres.

The Mineski logo symbol is a 'Shuliken'

or Ninja dart symbol, an iconic

symbol representing sports, fights

or in this case, games. Through our hands,

we have enhanced the logo into a more

3-Dimensional visual, spreading

domineering feeling to viewers & more

striking to opposition teams.

Client : JDX Tea

Industry : Tea Supplier

JDX Tea, also known as 'Jiu Ding Xiang 九鼎香' is a tea supplier brand that was founded in 1997 with their supplies now spread for more than 1500 restaurants in Peninsular Malaysia.

The JDX logo, a strong & representative image, spreads an impression of a n oriental visual & creativity.


The logo is formed based on the shape of a Chinese Cauldron, which also resembles the Chinese word for cauldron, '鼎'. Infused with the English characters 'JDX', we've then created a well balanced & oriental looking logo concept.


Client : IO Hotel

Industry : Lifestyle Hotel

IO HOTEL was opened as a boutique

hotel that provides minimum space for a

comfortable stay & it is designed to bring

a homey feeling to hotel guests.

The IO Hotel logo carries both minimalism

design & a feeling of pleasant into an intelligible

logo visual. The logo accommodates a smiley face icon merging the concept of a circle overall shape that portrays the meaning of relaxing 'zone' as the alphabet 'O' with the alphabet 'I' visualizing a person lying down relaxing in

the circular zone.


Applying light blue as color, we are able to

create a minimalist logo that unrolls a

homely sentiment.

Client : World Gourmet

Industry : Gourmet Community

World Gourmet was established to

serve as a platform to stimulate the economy

by inciting growth on the Food & Beverage

(F&B) sector.

The World Gourmet logo recites the feeling

of ravenous & conceptual culinary design

elements into a regal logo form.

The logo features a chef hat that represents

the culinary status & honor of a chef,

combining with 3 customary utensils image

in negative visual concept. Measured with Fibonacci's Golden Ration Sequence,

we are able to create a robust &

sophisticated logo.

Client : Kimmu

Industry : Building Material

KIMMU is a private company & manufacturing pioneers in building materials founded in 1980

at Batu Pahat, Johor that offers high quality products and services in the domestic and international market.


The KIMMU logo, a combination of typographic & structural design, reflects the idea of originality & matters. The logo is fused based on the shape of the word 'Gold' in Chinese '金' that pronounces 'KIM', with the overall symbol shape designed as a tree that symbolizes wood, in Chinese pronounced as 'MU'. With these two elements combined, we then created a connotative logo signifying the meaning of 'a tree of gold', also in Chinese the

direct meaning of the name 'KIMMU'.

Client : Jungle House

Industry : Honey Drinks

Jungle House is a honey drink brand & professional honey experts with depth knowledge
about the benefits & effectiveness of honey.


The Jungle House logo expresses connotations & a combination between meaning with design.


The story of Noah's Ark tells people that he received a message from God to build a giant ship for pairs of animals from the jungle.


This story directly recites an image of a ship with a roof, filled with animals from the jungle, a 'Jungle House'. By using the very elements of honey, which is hexagon, bee stripes & straw, we've then created a meaningful

story-telling logo concept.


Client : Tagla

Industry : Technology

TAGLA is a technology brand that currently offers a Bluetooth tracker device products
with a system that helps track back lost items.


The TAGLA logo, a logotype of connotation, reflects the feeling of modern & a

compassionate definition.

The connotation of the logo is that the product actually links people relations & promotes technology through one another, with the Chinese character '人' as the English character 'A', that connects with its counterpart with

a curve line.


Finally, we have created a logo that spreads the meaning of connections between individuals, or '人与人的连接‘ & a seemingly image of a smile expression.

Client : Taido

Industry : Sportwear Brand

TAIDO is a brand new sports brand that

focuses on combination of sports and fashion,

which is a revolutionary breakthrough in sportswear.


The brand name 'TAIDO' is a slight pronunciation

of 'attitude' in Chinese, which is 'TAIDU' but at the same time also sounds Japanese. 


The TAIDO Logo, an embodiment of typographic & configuration, strikes as the foremost idea of creativity & connotation.

Using the Japanese Shogun palace & the spirit of the Samurai as the connotation of the logo, it then has the meaning to represent sports. The symbol then infuse the alphabets of 'TAIDO' into the Chinese word '态' & slipped in the red dot (Japanese Iconic Symbol), we have then created

a logo that glanced as a Japanese art, strike as a Chinese character & a saturation of English alphabets.


More than just a logo, we create soul into the brand internationally.



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