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About Big Sweep

Pan Malaysian Sweeps was established in 1988. Legally licensed under the Turf Club Act, Big Sweep is a game of chance whereby a series of pre-printed tickets are offered for sale to the public through appointed agents. All surpluses are donated to Yu Cai Foundation ("YCF"), a charitable organisation dedicated to nurturing talent through education. After 33 years of history, they now realise the importance of branding and have spent more than a Million Ringgit in commissioning Malaysian famous branding company SENSEPLUS for their rebranding. Pan Malaysian Sweeps is scheduled to change their logo and identity in 2021 to cater for the new era.

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After 33 years of history, Pan-Malaysia is scheduled to change its brand logo and identity in 2021 to cater for the new era. The new Big Sweep logo incorporates a modern & fun visual concept that not only fits into the new era but also infused with meaningful elements & an interactive motive.

Big Sweep’s new logo is created by famous logo designer Jinks Chong. Through Golden Ratio and psychology principles, a creative symbol is formed through the combination of meaningful symbols. The design expresses the brand’s spirit through using a "horse" symbol to represent the lottery that focuses on horse racing while inheriting the meaning of success, and a "hand" symbol to represent that lottery tickets are not the only way to get rich but is also an act of charity, like "reaching out a helping hand" in addition to the entertainment.

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The new Big Sweep logo is created using the "Golden Ratio" of the Fibonacci sequence. Any logo design with Golden Ratio uses the principles of mathematics and the dynamics of the universe to achieve the most pleasing composition for viewers. The combination of accurate proportions with symbol psychology can influence a logo’s impression in viewer’s memory & the design can be deeply stored in their subconscious, making the logo unforgettable.

The new branding also comes with new bilingual slogans: "PLAY FOR CHARITY" & "大彩一张 慈善一步". The slogan again emphasizes that every lottery ticket sold is equivalent to a step towards charity where even small steps that contributed can lead to a big step for charity, encouraging everyone that entertainment can also means charity.

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The brand colours contain colour psychology theories and folklore to express the brand concept. The gradient of Red and Magenta not only has a younger visual experience but also portray a meaning of good luck and fortune in the Chinese tradition. Red too represents the meaning of compassion and caring. Big Sweep hopes to convey the message through colours that helping others is the best way to achieve self-fulfilment.

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