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Big Sweep Branding

In 1988, Big Sweep was born and became the first and only lottery company in Malaysia with a legal license, sold to the public under the watchful eye of the Turf Club Act. Their pre-printed numbers were sold through appointed agents and all excess profits were generously donated to charities that nurtured talents and helped those in need. Now, after 32 years of success, Big Sweep is ready to refresh their image and welcome a new generation of players.

To make their brand appeal to a younger demographic, Big Sweep plans to dispel the stereotype that only older people enjoy buying lottery tickets. They believe that a winning lottery ticket is a life-changing opportunity, and they want to make sure that young people know this. With a focus on the keyword "future," they aim to position themselves as the perfect partner for those who are always looking to seize life's opportunities.

But Big Sweep is not just about winning big. They also want to be recognized as a charitable company that helps people in need. By turning most of their surpluses into funds that support charitable causes, they can present themselves as a fair, transparent, and honest lottery company.

To truly capture the attention of the younger generation, Big Sweep will also be creating a visual identity that is fun, fresh, and modern. They want to make sure that their brand feels exciting and engaging, just like the current entertainment culture that young people are immersed in. By creating a youthful and dynamic image, they hope to establish themselves as a lottery company that's entertaining, charitable, and always in touch with the times.

Big Sweep's Bold Logo for a Charitable Future

The logo for Big Sweep is not only modern, but also meaningful and purposeful. The design perfectly captures the brand's objectives and slogan, making it a powerful representation of the company. The logo is comprised of two symbols, a horse and a hand, that together form a unique visual language. The horse symbolizes entertainment, while the hand represents charity, and their combination represents Big Sweep's philosophy of charity through entertainment.

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