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Ferment Branding

Ferment is a one-of-a-kind bakery café that focuses on the art of fermentation. Their passion lies in crafting artisanal breads, refreshing beverages, and delectable retail products that showcase the unique flavors and health benefits of fermentation. Ferment aims to be the ultimate destination for food lovers who seek an authentic and unforgettable culinary experience.

As a design studio, our goal was to help Ferment create a premium brand identity that reflects the exceptional quality of their products. We understood that the logo is the face of the brand and should embody the essence of Ferment.

To achieve this, we created a logo that is mystical and filled with connotation, yet minimalist in its design. The primary dome shape used in the alphabets is based on the shape of sourdough bread and reinforced into an arch-like concept to represent the European aesthetic of the bakery's range of European bread.

The overall logo is illustrated based on ancient Egyptian symbols to represent the connotation of fermentation, as the Egyptians were the first in history to master the fermentation process. This unique combination of sourdough bread and Egyptian symbols reflects the brand's passion for the art of fermentation and creates a premium and unforgettable brand identity.

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