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Jungle House Branding

Jungle House was founded by a couple, Paul and Ashley, who discovered their passion for pure, organic, and unadulterated honey while on an adventure in Garut, Indonesia. After learning about the bees, flowers, and ecosystem required for the distinct flavors and amber tones of the honey, they returned to Malaysia with a newfound mission to share the joy of pure honey and support the bee-farmer natives. Their commitment to protecting the natural ecosystem of honeybees led to the creation of Jungle House, which offers 100% pure, natural, raw, and organic honey straight from the jungles of the world.

To help Jungle House showcase their passion for pure honey, we assisted them in generating a fresh and youthful brand identity that would effectively communicate their story to the masses. We aided them in creating a series of icons and names that would represent their unique flavors, such as Fruit Boss, Jungle's Eye, Jungle's Heart, and more. By working collaboratively, we were able to develop a brand identity that not only represented their passion for pure honey but also resonated with their customers.

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